Roy Bernabela

Roy Bernabela (MA) studied Arabic and Linguistics at Leiden University. He is drawn to academia and eager to employ his academic skills in a pragmatic and productive way; he is most ‎comfortable at the junction of academia and society. Before he started Woordvorm together with ‎his long-time partner and friend Peter, he worked as a web editor for several academic institutes. ‎Roy expresses his creative side in his passion for photography and graphic design: he finds beauty ‎not only in words and phrases, but also in images. Woordvorm is thus Roy’s second home, a place ‎where he can do what he enjoys and does best: serving academia by creating beauty from words ‎and images for publications. When not forming words and images at Woordvorm, Roy enjoys life ‎with his wife, seeks everyday adventures with his son or plays with his friends.‎