Peter Groen

Peter Groen [MA] studied in Rotterdam and Leiden. He majored in Business Administration, Arabic ‎‎[BA] and Linguistics [MA], but his wide interest also covered Islamic studies, Hebrew and Berber ‎languages. Peter has a special love for the study of dialects and during his studies he focused ‎on the precise description of phonetics, phonology and morphology of spoken languages. He ‎thus has a sharp eye for spelling, grammatical consistency and systematic transliteration. Together with Roy, he is able to deliver Woordvorm editions that are near-to-‎perfect in language and text. As a student, student assistant and employee at Leiden University, ‎Peter gained useful insights and experiences in the realization of academic publications. At ‎Woordvorm, he has been able to deepen these experiences and improve and add to his skills, and ‎because of his interests in software and programming, he managed to master Adobe InDesign and the art of ‎desktop publishing [DTP] – creating documents using page layout skills.‎

Peter aims for beauty in both language and form for every publication. Apart from his work at ‎Woordvorm, Peter enjoys reading, cycling and walking through the beautiful Netherlands and the ‎rest of the world, and he enjoys his cooking together with his loved ones.‎