Layout [DTP]

At Woordvorm, we believe that a good layout adds more to a publication than just a pretty sight: if ‎a publication is well structured and orderly arranged, its content shines through more clearly. The ‎message of your article, research proposal or book reaches the reader through letters on a page. Therefore, ‎those letters should have a distinct and defined shape, appear balanced and not too cramped up or ‎spread out, and thus be clearly readable. Your publication is all about the content, so its layout ‎should not distract by sloppiness or complexity but facilitate through ease and clarity. Woordvorm ‎is eager to help you with the layout of your publication. We think along with you about the ‎structure, and using InDesign, we create a document that can directly go to the printing house or ‎be published online. ‎

We offer the following services:‎

  • Desktop publishing [DTP]: layout of books, articles, theses, etc;‎
  • Typesetting of content for printing or online publishing;‎
  • Typesetting of RTL-scripts (Arabic, Urdu, Farsi, Hebrew) in Indesign;
  • Professional processing of documents in InDesign;‎
  • Design and layout of posters, banners, logo’s, etc. in Illustrator and Photoshop;‎
  • Design and layout of illustrations in publications, such as maps, tables, graphs, etc.‎
  • Providing all file formats, e.g. Pdf, Indd [InDesign], Word, etc.‎

Please contact us for more information, we are at your service!