Woordvorm develops efficient websites for academics and academic institutions. Transparency, ‎directions to your institute, dissemination of research and publications, a place for discussion: we ‎like to think along and help you make your work perceivable and interactive. We develop a ‎website, tailored to your needs and profile, and position it in the right places online, using social ‎media and other online marketing tools. Such a website reaches your audience directly and ‎effectively.‎

Using the Content Management System WordPress, we develop a website that you can easily ‎maintain and use yourself; we offer training and workshops in using WordPress. If you want to ‎save time, we are happy to maintain the site for you. Likewise, we can register your domain name ‎and provide the hosting environment for your website[s]. Do not hesitate to contact us for advice ‎on how your website and social media can be optimally employed to help achieve your ‎institution’s goals. ‎

Woordvorm offers the following web services:‎

  • Up-to-date websites;
  • Website and content management;
  • Social media and online marketing;
  • CMS training and workshops;
  • Domain registration and web hosting.‎

Please contact us for more information, we are at your service!