We are specialized in the typesetting of linguistically complex publications. Woordvorm provides the complete layout and typesetting of (academic) books, articles and journals, including works in Arabic and Hebrew. We take pleasure in realizing the preferred layout for complex works, including for example mixed Latin and Arabic script, marginal texts, images, tables, critical notes and indices. Accuracy, acuity, correctness and speed are the key adjectives that guide our typesetting work ethic. Our wide experience in typesetting the most complex academic works enables us to ensure our customers of a timely and satisfying realization of their project for an honest and transparent fee. It helps that we are familiar with the process of academic publishing and command active knowledge of Arabic, Hebrew, English and Dutch. Furthermore we have a lot of in-house experience in indexing, transliterating and editing academic texts, and our expertise in project management ensures a reliable and transparent workflow.

Woordvorm offer the following services:‎

  • Layout and typesetting of RTL scripts (Arabic, Hebrew) and mixed LTR-RTL publications;
  • Typesetting and DTP of academic books, articles, journals and theses;
  • Professional processing of documents in InDesign;‎
  • Design and layout of illustrations in publications, such as maps, tables, graphs, etc;
  • Providing all file formats, e.g. Pdf, Indd [InDesign], Word, LaTeX etc.

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