Language & Text

We are Woordvorm and we love language. What makes us happy is the feeling of a brand new ‎cover, the sight of an orderly arranged page, the ease of an efficient index and the calm of flawless ‎language. But nothing makes us happier than happy authors who see their work flourish in a ‎beautiful publication. That is why we edit books, articles and theses, why we transliterate various ‎non-Western scripts and why we create adequate indices. And with our backgrounds, we are fully ‎aware of the importance of a solid translation as a source for a publication. ‎

We can help you with the following services:‎

  • Scholarly translations to and from Arabic, English and Dutch;‎
  • Text and copy editing;
  • Transliteration and transcription of the following scripts: Arabic, Hebrew, Ge’ez, Greek and Cyrillic
  • also standardization of transcription and/or transliteration systems;
  • Transcription of spoken language and text to IPA or other system;
  • Book indexing.

Please contact us for more information, we are at your service!