Our team of linguists and Arabists offers a rare combination of knowledge and skills for editing complex (academic) works. As linguists, we think in IPA, and transliterating Arabic is fun to us. We correct and uniform transliterations and transcriptions of Arabic to all desired standards. We work closely with experienced copy-editors for Arabic, English and Dutch and have a good network of excellent service providers for rekeying and OCR scanning of complex texts. Additionally, Woordvorm has a lot of experience in desk-editing and project management of publications. Because we can be involved in editing, typesetting and project management, we are a fast, accurate and reliable partner in academic publishing, and are well equipped to be a hub between publishers, authors, editors, typesetters and printers. By working together smoothly with our customers and all stakeholders, we promise to deliver your publication according to planning and budget, with the highest level of correctness and accuracy. ‎

Woordvorm offers the following services:

  • (Harmonizing) Transliteration and transcription of the following scripts: Arabic, Hebrew, and Ge’ez;
  • Transcription of spoken language and text to IPA or other system;
  • Desk-editing and project management.

Please contact us for more information, we are at your service!